By Annabel Beacon

Work experience is a great way of getting a taste of the working world and can enlighten prospective professionals on the career they are considering. It can build character and stand out in CVs and interviews, whether for university or future work opportunities. It can also motivate prospective professionals to choose a certain career path.

I am a A-level student studying Law, Mathematics and Business.  I have developed an interest in the law and I am considering a career as a solicitor. In order to gain a perspective of what it is really like at a a law firm, I have spent the last week at Hadfield Bull & Bull carrying out some work experience.

During my time at Hadfield Bull & Bull I have sat in on meetings and phone calls with clients and been given various tasks to perform, all of which has given me an insight into the type of work I could potentially be doing when I enter the profession.

I worked alongside Paul Fuller, who is a dispute resolution solicitor, and Tara Millais, who is a litigation executive.  Paul and Tara have explained some of the cases they are currently working on and some of the key considerations in the circumstances of those cases. This has shown me the depth of work that goes into each case and the skills needed to tackle multiple cases at once.  I have seen first-hand how being a good solicitor means sometimes delivering difficult advice, which has helped me understand more about working with clients on a one to one basis.  Paul and Tara have also given me advice of the different routes by which I can enter into the profession and things I can do to stand out when applying to university and for jobs.

I also sat in on a meeting with Susan Record, a consultant solicitor practicing family law.  I saw first-hand what Susan has to juggle in meetings, with a structured and ordered approach.  I also experienced  how clients’ matters can be emotionally difficult and the importance of providing advice in a reassuring and sympathetic manner.

During my time here I have also carried out tasks which have expanded my knowledge of the law. I have learnt how to fill out legal documents and carried out research into different topics and areas of the law.  I also learnt how wider issues, such as Brexit, can have an impact on businesses and the speed with which solicitors sometimes need to find solutions for these issues.  As well as being given insight into the firms’ cases, I have also looked at outside issues, such as the lawfulness (or otherwise) of Boris Johnson’s attempt at complying with the Benn Act. This gave me knowledge on today’s politics and how it links in with the law.

My experience at Hadfield Bull & Bull and has given me knowledge, insight and skills which will help in my studies and as I venture into the working world. It has confirmed my desire to pursue a career in the law, and given me the motivation to do so.

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